About Us

BAACCO is the ultimate new way to search, discover and shop for top-quality and affordable wines; whilst connecting with specialist wine merchants around the UK. You can search for available wines across hundreds of merchants and transact in a matter of clicks.

Democratising Wine

BAACCO disrupts the traditional e-commerce model by helping you discover quality wines from emerging sellers by connecting you directly with specialist wine merchants. Our mission is to offer unrivalled quality wine to everyone, everywhere. Our savvy community is ahead of the curve and is fast making BAACCO the go-to destination for wine.


We’re keen to only foster an open diverse community, where you’re not banished for not being able to name a grape variety and you’re encouraged to ask sellers and members questions on your terms. We source all our sellers with our community in mind, we’re proud to offer great quality and affordable wines, with none of the fuss. So whether you’re just looking for a cheeky wine (just to drink) or you’re an enthusiast looking for the right wine for an occasion or cuisine, BAACCO is the place for you. Sign up today.

The Team

We’re an extremely passionate group, combining our expertise in wine with a product- and engineering-driven approach. We focus on doing a few things well. We work in small, agile teams that experiment rapidly, develop, learn and iterate quickly. And we work hard, whilst drinking lots of great wines (we really mean lots and lots).

We’re here to help! Please drop us a line if you have any queries, comments or suggestions help@baacco.com