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Syrah or Shiraz?

The differences between Syrah and Shiraz are mostly quite obvious, even to the average wine drinker. It’s not so much a debate as it is a statement of style: the two are genetically identical, and yet their expressions couldn’t be any more different...

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Delicious Wine pairings for Salads this summer!

By Astrid Young. Salad days are upon us, and since wine paring for salad often get a bit of a bad rap, let’s look at some of the most popular salads and discuss how we go about pairing a wine with them, against all odds.

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What’s that smell? Faults in your wine!

Picking up a glass of wine and giving it the nose should yield all kinds of lovely aromas, some easier to identify than others. Fruity, floral, earthy and otherwise, we’d like to assume that it’s all pleasant. Sometimes, however, our delicate senses...